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  • Robert Morris Lecture Series

    by Mustafa Khan

    News | November 8, 2004
  • Kissinger featured at Heinz Hall

    Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger visited Heinz Hall on Tuesday to speak about the demands that the war on terrorism has placed on American policy making.

    Kissinger, whose lecture was sponsored by Robert Morris University?s popular Speaker Series, warned his audience of the dangers, both new and old , that America faces today, from nuclear proliferation to the peril of stateless terroris...

    News | October 11, 2004
  • Shift: Words in the work

    When considered individually, the exhibits on display in the Edge Studio?s newest gallery ?? from ?Familiar? to ?Appeal? to ?Perception,? to the more exotically titled ?Vivace? and ?Jyoti? (words of Italian and Sanskrit origins, respectively) ? have little relation to each other. When observed as a whole, however, these works embody the paradox of modern public architecture and design, this juggli...

    Pillbox | September 7, 2004
  • A look beneath the burka

    Far more poetic, captivating, and memorable than any nightly news story or human rights report could capture, Siddiq Barmak?s Osama slips underneath the burka-covered world of female suffering in Afghanistan to reveal a moving story involving the oppression and religious fanaticism of the former Taliban regime.

    Pillbox | March 22, 2004