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  • CIT professor Ed Rubin wins Nobel Prize for Peace

    Professor Ed Rubin of the engineering and public policy and mechanical engineering departments of Carnegie Mellon is among the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize award that was presented to the UN Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore in December 2007.

    SciTech | February 4, 2008
  • Sci-Tech Briefs

    Dawn launched into space

    On Thursday,NASA launched the Dawn spacecraft to explore the asteroid Vesta and the dwarf planet Ceres. Dawn will give scientists a better idea of how the solar system came into existence.

    SciTech | October 1, 2007
  • Ray of light: Pittsburgh named a Solar America City

    In recognition of the city’s commitment to adopting solar energy at the local level, Pittsburgh has been named a Solar America City by the United States Department of Energy (DOE).

    SciTech | September 24, 2007