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Class of 2010


  • Student Government will vote on constitution changes, additions

    Wednesday is a big day for Carnegie Mellon’s student government. The Undergraduate Student Senate and Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) will be voting on a number of changes to the student body constitution and its supporting documents that address a variety of current inefficiencies. These changes include the addition of an elected role, the student body vice president of organizations (SBVPO), to...

    News | February 1, 2010
  • Success stories: How to make an impression on recruiters

    Job fairs have been the beginning of great careers for many Carnegie Mellon students. In this article, students share tips on how to use job fairs to your advantage and get that dream job.

    Special | February 1, 2010
  • Tuition tax will not be pursued

    As a new semester begins, the city of Pittsburgh continues to search for a way to fill its budget void. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced Dec. 21 the end of the city’s pursuit of the “fair-share” tuition tax on Pittsburgh’s college students, leaving a $15 million budget hole unresolved. The state has proposed a new solution through a statewide property tax and service fee for all nonprofit organizat...

    News | January 18, 2010
  • City proposes "fair share tax" on tuitions

    Last Monday, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl proposed a 1 percent “fair share tax” that would add about $400 to Carnegie Mellon’s annual tuition. The mayor proposed the tax in order to fill a $15 million void in the city budget for pensions and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh system. If enacted, the tax would be the first to tax college tuition in any city in the nation.
    Carnegie Mellon’s off...

    News | November 16, 2009
  • Mrs. Obama’s appearance on Sesame Street not biased

    Last year, conservatives waged war on Oscar the Grouch. When Oscar poked fun at “Pox News” and called it a trashy news source, conservatives said that Oscar was purposefully putting down Fox News, and thus showing a political bias.

    Forum | November 9, 2009

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