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Class of 2017


  • Google could change minds by eliminating its gender bias

    While female CEOs are now kept in high regards by most of society, men in “traditional women’s roles,” such as nurses, remain a target of mockery and are often looked down upon. Women are encouraged, much more than before, to try out careers in fields they genuinely like, instead of being pushed into stereotypical roles. Still, it is not close to enough.

    Forum | April 20, 2015
  • Vaccination is not partisan issue

    The United States has every reason to be proud of its medical advances. Over the course of five decades, the government-funded system has managed to decrease instances of various deadly diseases such as Hepatitis A and B, tuberculosis, and mumps to a mere 0.5 percent from a mighty average of 14 percent.

    Forum | February 16, 2015
  • Researchers develop brain-inspired smart technology

    Mankind has come a long way from communicating through landlines, to using smartphones for communication, information, entertainment — you name it. Now imagine your smartphone, already capable of so much, functioning on a power supply equivalent to that used by a light bulb. Then imagine it performing computations at a rate equivalent to the human brain, with comparable artificial intelligence. Th...

    SciTech | February 9, 2015
  • SciTech Briefs

    Google[x] unveils contact lenses to track blood sugar

    SciTech | February 2, 2015