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  • Viral tweet on Queen’s death garners support, criticism

    Dr. Uju Anya is an expert in critical applied linguistics, an associate professor of second language acquisition, and the child and sibling of survivors of genocide. As of Friday, she is also the author of a viral tweet that has since been removed from the platform.

    News | September 12, 2022
  • SNABU: Bubbles out the Wazoo

    In my capacity as a smug college student, it has been my duty to tell everyone that I go to Carnegie Mellon. The structure of the conversation will vary, but I always mention two things. I start with the fact that Carnegie Mellon is the best ranked graduate school for artificial intelligence. Peopl...

    Pillbox | April 25, 2022
  • Exhausted screenwriter writing Disney’s first gay character for the 15th time

    Los Angeles, CA — On the subject of her most recent screenplay, a local writer feels conflicted. “I understand how important representation is,” screenwriter and bartender Sophia Hagelman says. “I just feel like I might be treading some past ground here.” Fresh off the heels of Disney’s first gay character Artie from "Cruella" (a flamboyant David Bowie impersonator that works with a woman who ...

    Pillbox | April 25, 2022
  • The Queen's Gambit Expanded Universe

    My articles seem to have garnered a bit of renown in the journalistic world, which has led to some perks. Not only do I get invited to all the ultra secret coastal elite parties with Lena Dunham, Barbara Ehrenreich, Jia Tolentino, Thomas Frank, Joe Biden, etc…, but I also get access to some scoops that the average schmuck wouldn’t. I wouldn’t say I'm Woodward, but I’d definitely place myself above...

    Pillbox | April 11, 2022
  • SBP/SBVP Candidates: Jacob Chan/Sarah Abrams

    Jacob Chan and Sarah Abrams are running for Student Body President (SBP) and Vice President (SBVP), respectively.

    Elections | March 28, 2022

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